Where Mindful Presence meets Powerful Living. 

Connection culture - It's how we live our best life. 

Elevated levels of awareness increase our productivity and transforms the way we interact with out lives.


If you're ready to live into your full potential - you're in the right place.


    Conscious, deliberate, attention without judgement. Cultivate the energy of Yes and receptivity.


    Loosen the grip of unproductive habits, implement purposeful behaviors that ground you into the present moment, where focused, flexible, effective and receptive attention thrives. 


    Learn the distinct traits of mindful leadership and create empowered teams built on trust, awareness, shared vision and aligned action. Increase and maintain positive engagement.


    Make a mindful impact in the world. Your involvement contributes to bringing mindfulness-based outreach programs to a diversified list of humanitarian causes.


    Live a powerful, peaceful, and productive life in every domain. We become what we practice most. Connect deeply with your life.



Gain clarity in the present moment, with more efficiency, and take deliberate action as you take meaningful steps forward toward achieving your goals.

  • Uncover whatever is holding you back in the present moment and shift.

  • Take aligned action from a place of awareness.

  • Bring a conscious awareness to your present experience, without judgment, so that you can reach a powerful resolve.



An introspective podcast hosted by Breakthrough Congruency Coach & Mindfulness Coach - Noah Channing.


Soul Briefing is Where Everybody Tunes In.™ 

Designed to keep you consciously connected and tuned in to your soul. Align, Awaken, and Expand through two types of media. The Audio Experience (TAE) will inspire and move you back into alignment in the moment, keeping you tuned in and connected to what's possible. Think of it as an audio inspired self-inquiry session. The Standard Episodes (TSE) include a variety of soul-inspired topics such as mindfulness, consciousness, congruency, quantum physics, neuroscience, spiritual awakening, mindset, mind-body connection, energetic influence, leadership, coaching, and other life alignment strategies. Episodes include featured guest speakers and experts in their field. 


We Are The Willing

Transformation belongs those who are willing to take on their habituated self and interact with their lives from a place of possibility.

Take massive ownership of your life and your involvement in your overall life experience, cultivating a peaceful power within you. 


Mindfulness isn't meek. Mindfulness is powerful.

Awareness is the ultimate gateway to personal power.


Through your personal power, you can make a positive impact in the world.

Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a son or daughter, a husband, wife, or partner, a sibling, a friend, an entrepreneur or a team or community leader -

You are always, in some way, having an influence on the people around you.


Never underestimate the impact you're making. 


We are here to connect, collaborate, and contribute.

Somewhere along our path, every single one of us will experience 

some form of inner conflict. 

In my own personal and professional evolution,

I have found that inner conflict is the compass to courage.

A daring compass that guides you to meet your edge and 

points you directly toward your next breakthrough point.


 I'm here to help you with that process.


Master Congruency 

by mastering a deeper level of awareness

and intentional involvement in your life. 


Let's get you out of your box and into possibility. Book a call and let's chat.


  • Trust The Process

    Commit to the process and learn to be fully aware and present in the moment - where infinite potential resides.


  • Shift into Possibility

    You are going to be productively challenged to consider where in your life you have been unaware and holding back. Be amazed at what becomes available to you, the moment you align and remove the inner conflict that has been plaguing you.

  • Master Congruency

    Experience Breakthrough Congruency Coaching. Shifting your perspective on what's possible, opening you up to design your life exactly the way you want it. Own your involvement and find new power in your peace.

  • Align Your Life

    Interact with your life from a place of peace. Learn to trust what shows up and allow what's possible to illuminate. Transform your life from the inside out. 

Working with Noah was a stroke of luck and a privilege. The word that jumps at me the most to describe her style is “authentic.” Noah gets real.


She has that ability to meet you wherever you are in your journey and help you sort things out with her pragmatic perspectives. She nudges you onward to the tune of a thousand, “What if…?” possibilities to help you discover the one that fits you right, then helps you break it down into a simple, straight forward, action plan.


Bring an open mind and the will to do the work, and just watch the magic happen.


Business Owner

When I first began working with Noah I weighed 194 lbs, wore a size 14/15 pant size and had 34% body fat. I was taking diet pills every day. It was an agonizing process. They left me with little sleep and kept me negative. Once I met Noah, I stopped taking the pills to follow her program instead. In just 9 weeks, I lost 19 lbs, dropped 3/4 pant sizes, and lost 5% body fat. Not only have I kept the weight off, but I have lost an additional 19 lbs in the process. No matter what I had going on outside of our scheduled time together, Noah kept me motivated and focused on my own transformation. My goal became her goals and we accomplished them "together."


She is a true coach. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their overall health.

You will not be disappointed!


Business Manager

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