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My signature approach and simple frameworks help you create clarity, break unproductive cycles, take aligned action, and design a life that you love. If you're ready to transform the way you interact with your life - you're in the right place.

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A Little About Me

Meet Noah 

Noah has been coaching for almost two decades. She is a Master Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher. Helping you connect more deeply to your life, break through resistance, be more intentional, and create the inner clarity required to make decisions from a place of peace - allowing you to design your life by taking inspired and aligned action.

Most people don't understand the role they are playing in the quality of their lives and how much power they have within them to transform the entire experience. Noah asks the hard questions, helping you get to the heart of the matter, so you can transform your life from the inside out. The only way true transformation occurs.

"No matter what rank, level of leadership, industry, or social status, each and every person I've ever coached benefits from Elevated Awareness. This is the work that changes everything."

Learn about Master Life Coach + Mindfulness Teacher, Noah Channing.

Shift into Possibility

You are going to be productively challenged to consider where in your life you have been unaware and holding back.

Be amazed at what becomes available to you the moment you remove the inner conflict that has been plaguing you.


Define and Align 

Experience breakthroughs in your belief systems, develop stability and emotional regulation, shifting your entire perspective on what's possible.

Clarity + Alignment opens you up to design a life that you love. Own your involvement and find new power in your peace.

Purposeful Action

Implement purposeful behaviors in the present moment - where focused, flexible, effective, and receptive attention thrives. Interact with your life from a place of peace, possibility, and purpose. 

Learn to trust what shows up and identify a clear path forward. This is where we put growth to work.

Nat B. | Business Owner

Working with Noah was a stroke of luck and a privilege.¬†The word that jumps at me the most to describe her style is ‚Äúauthentic.‚Ä̬†

 Noah gets real.

She has that ability to meet you wherever you are in your journey and help you sort things out with her pragmatic perspectives.

She nudges you onward to the tune of a thousand, ‚ÄúWhat if‚Ķ?‚ÄĚ possibilities to help you discover the one that fits you right - then helps you break it down into a simple, straight-forward, action plan.

Bring an open mind and the will to do the work, and just watch the magic happen.

Donna B. | Business Manager

When I first began working with Noah I weighed 194 lbs, wore a size 14/15 pant size and had 34% body fat. I was taking diet pills every day. It was an agonizing process. They left me with little sleep and kept me negative. Once I met Noah, I stopped taking the pills to follow her program instead. In just 9 weeks, I lost 19 lbs, dropped 3/4 pant sizes, and lost 5% body fat. Not only have I kept the weight off, but I have lost an additional 19 lbs in the process.

No matter what I had going on outside of our scheduled time together, Noah kept me motivated and focused on my own transformation. My goal became her goals and we accomplished them "together."

 She is a true coach. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their overall health.

You will not be disappointed!

Milena S. | Professional Coach

Working with Noah was key in helping me materialize a successful personal and professional life while maintaining my sanity.

During our work together, I was shifting careers, studying for a new specialization, building a business, and becoming a mom for the 1st time; all at once.

Noah helped me not just to set goals and realistic plans for the future, but her AMAZING energy and holistic approach allowed me to move forward and conquer every milestone with confidence and grace.

Private 1:1 Coaching

My private client roster is limited and currently full. This process is by application only and will re-open next month. 

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The Meet Yourself Podcast is where Mindful Presence meets Powerful Living. Meet yourself with more clarity, connection, personal power, and peace. Hosted by Master Life Coach Coach and Mindfulness Teacher - Noah Channing. Committed to helping you transform your life from the inside out - Noah helps you get to the heart of the matter, elevate your awareness, achieve inner alignment, and design a life that you love.

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