Grasping For Time

Episode #16

In this episode, we look at the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to grasping for time. I invite you to look at where you seek elsewhere for what is available right here and examine if what you really want is available anywhere but here.

0:00 - Welcome Back

2:10 - Retreat and the noisiness of life.

3:40 - Noticing what we reach for and how time magically shows up.

4:35 - My story of grasping for time and rushing.

5:30 - How my plate taught me a very important lesson.

7:10 - Time doesn't change. Time is time. How we respond makes all the difference.

8:00 - Time traveling to get what we need someplace else.

8:50 - We are conditioned to grasp for time.

9:30 - Orientations vs. Gasping for outcomes.

10:25 - Where in your life do you begin reaching outside what is present?

11:10 - Realize the true potential of the time you have now.

12:05 - Is there any way to get to what you want without the present moment?

12:55 - Closing…

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