Making Tough Choices

Episode #15

In this episode, we explore a simple, yet mindful approach to making tough choices. I discuss the power of perspective always being available and what it means to be both the observer and participant in the same moment. I invite you to consider that your life is one big life altering event. Making tough choices requires mindful intention, courage, and vulnerability. A 5-second exercise to remind you of your power.

0:00 - Intro

0:50 - The state of an uncertain world. Big decisions.

1:55 - Committing to a course of action when there is a conflict between commitments.

3:05 - Take the risk or lose the change. Tiny maneuvers. We all play a part.

4:05 - Leaning into the upside instead of forfeiting the joy of the opportunity.

4:44 - Marking years of your calendar isn't a life.

5:35 - Directing inward for the final decision. Your life as one big life altering event.

6:40 - Remember what a big deal you are. Where care and power coincide.

7:50 - One of the ways I teach anchoring and trusting the present moment.

9:33 - How can I be an observer when I'm also the participant?

11:58 - A 5 second exercise to remind you of your power.

12:40 - A Powerful Question.

12:50 - Closing…

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