What Am I Believing About Myself?

Episode #14

In this episode, we discuss the question "What am I believing about myself" and explore the ways our beliefs are influencing our lives. This is a quick episode as I break down the old studio and start building out the new one. Better understand how you are relating to the world.

0:00 - Studio breakdown. Taking the energy and momentum of the end of the year to create a new space.

1:25 - What am I believing about myself?

2:25 - Getting stuck on why we're unhappy.

3:22 - How you relate to the world has the greatest impact.

4:20 - We forget our contributing role when we get caught in our story.

5:30 - Reflection questions and an invitation to notice what is influencing our beliefs about ourselves.

7:25 - Granting our confusion permission to run our lives.

9:00 - Worthiness is tied to some belief you have about yourself.

11:50 - Closing…

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