What Is My Involvement?

Episode #12

In this episode, we explore the question "What Is My Involvement?" and discuss how nothing happens without our involvement. A reminder that pain tells us what needs to be loved. Shifting from opposition back to connection.

1:10 - Social media becoming a place of social brutality which I do not support.

2:15 - Anger needs to be loved.

3:01 - Taking responsibility for how we communicate and the messages we send and receive.

4:50 - Peace requires all of us to own our involvement. No one is exempt.

5:40 - Examine what you label a problem. Perception of the cause.

6:55 - How we ourselves are contributing to the experience.

7:44 - Feelings aren't a definitive source of information.

8:21 - Pain shows us what needs to be loved. Shift from opposition back to connection.

9:10 - Closing…

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