Who Do I Need To Be? - Part 2

Episode #11

In this episode, we explore part 2 of the question "Who Do I Need To Be?" and use the guiding thought "How will I be with my experience?" Exploring the concept of interplay and the availability of choice in every moment. How you show up, how you respond, how you interact and relate to the world, to yourself and to your circumstances. Being is the inner game that expresses itself outward.

0:00 - Intro

1:00 - Observe and orient by taking Massive Ownership. Interact with life through the lens of possibility, potential, and creation.

2:00 - How will I interact with my experience?

3:00 - Interplay is the ongoing act of relating and influencing.

4:00 - "Living With." Nothing happens in exclusivity.

6:00 - Moving through uncertainty by looking at how we interact with it.

7:13 - Hard does not mean impossible.

8:12 - Where possibility resides. Take a seat with uncertainty.

9:11 - Closing…

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