Who Do I Need To Be? - Part 1

Episode #10

In this episode, we explore Being Possibility with the question "Who Do I Need To Be?" as we are on a nationwide lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. We uncover Breakthrough Points and make shifts in how we relate to our circumstances by looking at what we are creating, what potentials are available, and who we choose to be in our given circumstances. A call for commitment when the circumstances are less than ideal.

0:47 - None of us could have seen this coming.

2:12 - Who Do I Need To Be? It's the one thing you have control over.

2:58 - How you think, what you believe, how you allow yourself to feel influence how you interact with life's circumstances.

5:00 - Finding a Breakthrough Point.

6:20 - Being unable to provide consistency, yet staying committed to connection.

7:53 - Finding ways to uncover what you CAN do.

8:42 - A call for commitment to fill the space created by the question "What would it take?"

9:12 - How we interact with our circumstances is up to us.

9:25 - Closing…

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